Located on 55 acres, in the Tiger Heartland of the World, Singinawa Jungle Lodge offers a unique experience of the forests of Central India with conservationists Nanda and Latika Rana. The Lodge offers a chance to not only learn about the tiger and its habitat but also experience ecologically responsible tourism & see conservation at work benefitting both local communities and the Tiger Reserve.

Trained naturalists take you on safari in customized 4x4 vehicles to offer an insight into the unique ecosystem of the park where animals like the highly endangered Swamp Deer, Dhole, Gaur, Tiger and a whole host of birds may be seen. Back from safari, you can savor a choice of cuisines, relax at the spa, go for a bicycle ride into the nearby tribal village, visit our model organic farm or even take a walk on the land to see how degraded land has been protected and natural grasslands & forests allowed to regenerate.