The main lodge has been air-cooled rather than air conditioned using environment friendly Australian Technology. All public areas are heated using fireplaces for which we grow our own wood. Water is heated using boilers that run on waste or CNG rather than electricity. All our external lighting is solar and we use power saving CFC bulbs or led lights. I am attaching a small map of our
land that will give you an idea of the things that we have been working on.

Singinawa is an eco-friendly, plastic free resort, using solar energy & rainwater harvesting. As far as possible we use only recycled paper in the lodge. Examples include maps, wildlife checklist, coasters, food boxes, sewing kits, medi kits, shower cap cases, laundry bags and our bill books. Our garbage is segregated, sorted and then sent for recycling or for composting.

We have all our own specially customized vehicles for Safari and all guests
are accompanied by trained naturalists. All clients are briefed on codes of
conduct in the Park by naturalists before they embark on safari. All vehicles carry garbage bags to ensure that no rubbish is accidently left within the Park during safari.  Our naturalists have been maintaining records and wildlife checklists of species found both on the land and in Kanha. We have been able to identify as many as 110 bird species in and around our land. We have made a wildlife checklist for every guest to refer to. We have over 3 kms of bird walks on the land and separate tracks for cycling.

Over 60% of the staff has been locally employed. Many of these people have
never worked in the tourism industry before. Singinawa is an equal opportunity employer. One of the most rewarding things was right at the beginning when we had just opened. Several of the people we have employed were unskilled laborers who had been working on the construction of the lodge for about two years. When the first few guests came, these boys would be carrying baggage to the rooms and I happened to overhear one of them ask the guest if he liked the place and buildings. When the guest replied in the affirmative, the room boys bursting with pride told them - you know we built all this.  The sense of ownership and belonging is so strong and there is a great sense of achievement and pride in the work that they have done. All the local boys and girls have bought bicycles with a loan from us, many have mobile telephones, some have taken loans to build houses and they are all paying them back from the regular salaries they receive as being part of the staff at Singinawa.


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