We believe that being professionals in Wildlife Conservation having the wonderful opportunity of living and working at the grassroot levels, we at Singinawa are fortunate to get a chance to show by example just how tourism, conservation and community development can go hand in hand and how a world class lodge can be ecologically responsible.

When we bought the degraded land at the periphery of Kanha, the most wonderful experience was to watch the land come back into its own. We took 58 acres of degraded, over grazed land and restored it to the point where wildlife begun to use it extensively and today, tigers, dhole, and barasingha are all seen on the land. Part of the land was used as the town dump, all of it was covered with lantana; trees were lopped extensively by villagers for firewood and cattle grazed on the land the year round. Many thousand plants of bamboo, several hundred fruiting and flowering trees were then planted on the land.

After extensive experimentation; fire management and manual removal of weeds were identified as the most effective methods of control of invasive species.  All our work on the removal of weeds and exotics paid off and native indigenous species are now reclaiming the land to make it greener and more wonderful. Lopped and cut trees have re-generated and some have grown to over 20 feet in height. Now wildlife is also using the habitat. We are very happy to have a residential leopard pair and tigers.

The lodge and its facilities have been designed by Nanda and me personally. The
structures were designed around existing trees and not one was cut for the
placement or construction of the buildings. Only about 3 acres of the 58
acres of the land has been used for accommodation and service quarters. All
buildings are constructed with double walls with an inbuilt three inch gap
providing thermal and sound insulation cutting costs of cooling and heating,


minimizing loss of energy, also the glass used for the bay windows are vacuum sealed and double glass again prevents wastage of energy.

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