LAPSI KABAR : An expert hunter and Guide named Lapsi is set to have been killed at this spot in 1930. Kabar is local name for a grave. The legend has it that Lapsi was accompanying some sports men in the jungle when he had a close encounter with the Tiger. Distance from Mukki to Lasi Kabar is 10kms.

BABATHENGA TANK : This water body attracts a variety of birds. It is frequented by many spices of animals and there is high probability of seeing a Tiger or a Leopard here. Distance from Mukki to Babathenga is 12kms.

UMARJHOLA : This is a small but a good water body which attracts lots of herbivores like Sambhar ,Chital, Barking Deer, Wild Boar and Bison. The chances are very good for Tiger and Leopard sighting, as it has a good barricade from the tourist train, hence it is not easy to see animals in this water body, but around the water body one can the movement of the animals. It has some good shade due to nearby trees, and Tiger and Leopards commonly come and wait in the shade area for their prey. Distance from Mukki to Umarjhola is 9kms.

BAMNIDADAR : It is one of the highest plateau in the Kanha Tiger reserve and during the British Raj this area was also used as a air strip to land the English who landed here to do safaris and game hunting. It offers a beautiful panorama of the plains of Mukki, Ourai, Ghorella and Bishanpura. The drive from Sharvan Tal to Bamnidadar is a very good experience of jungle excursions. Distance from Mukki to Bamnidadar is 15kms.

Important Areas in Kanha Range:

KANHA MEADOWS : Kanha meadows are perhaps the best place to view wild life. They are favored by herbivores and therefore also predators. Here many species of herbivores such as Chital, Barasingha, Sambhar Deer, and Gaur can be seen either grazing or passing through on their way to the water hole and Tiger, Leopard or wild dogs may be lurking in the nearby thickets. Distance from Mukki to Kanha Meadows is 23kms.

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