Park Season, Excursion Timings, and Fees:
The Park is open daily from 1 October to 30 June, although management reserves the option to close earlier if the rains begin before the end of June. The opening hours are scheduled to accord roughly with the seasonal variations in climate, as well as with the length of the day at different seasons. There is always a mid-day break, so that employees may eat lunch and rest and the animals may have a respite, too.

Opening hours are as follows:
1 November-I5 February (Sunrise to 11 AM., 3 P.M. to sunset)
16 February-30 April (Sunrise to 11 AM., 4 P.M. to sunset)
1 May-30 June (Sunrise to 10 AM., 5 P.M. to sunset)

These hours are subject to change in special conditions: for example, heavy rain showers may make park roads temporarily hazardous, or official activities such as census taking may be scheduled. In practice, "sunrise" and "sunset" are interpreted as "dawn" and "dusk," with vehicles being admitted at 6:30 A.M., for example, if sunrise occurs at 6:50. The gate attendants tend to be stricter about exit times, since darkness follows sunset quite rapidly at this latitude.

Official notice boards direct visitors' attention to the following regulations:

  • Heavy vehicles and diesel vehicles are not allowed inside the park.
  • Route guide is compulsory.
  • Speed limit is 20 km per hour.
  • Use of horn or headlights is not allowed.
  • Smoking is forbidden inside the park. Forests are vulnerable to fire and your negligence may cause a widespread fire.
  • Visitors are requested not to use flash for photography.
  • Foot trekking is strictly prohibited. Do not get down from your vehicle.
  • Do not feed the animals, and keep a safe distance from them.
  • Do not carry weapons. You are safe when accompanied by a guide and hunting is banned.
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